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Visitors occasionally ask for more information about what I believe, or what qualifies me to write about the topics discussed on the site.

I’m a Christian, of a fairly traditional kind, Protestant rather than Roman Catholic. Rather than comment on specific doctrinal issues, I’d like to focus on what is really important. What is vital to Christianity, indeed, what defines it, is faith in Jesus’ death on the cross covering our sins and reconciling us to God: the Chistian gospel. Those who have such faith are Christians; those who do not are not. When I describe myself as a Christian, what I mean is that I trust in Christ for salvation.

This site is a part of my contribution to spreading the good news that the gospel is true. I focus on philosophy because that is the field that I know most about, though I believe that evidence for the truth of Christianity is abundant in other fields too. I studied philosophy at university, both as an undergraduate and as a postgraduate. In fact, it was in the course of these studies that I came to believe in God, having previously been a fairly outspoken atheist. The philosophical evidence for Christianity, is, in my assessment, highly persuasive, sufficient not only to reassure believers in their faith but also to severely test secular views of the world. My secular view of the world, thankfully, was torn apart by the examination.

This site is intended as a justification of theism in general. It discusses the evidence that God exists, setting out and defending several of the traditional philosophical proofs. It also dismisses some of the most commonly given reasons for disbelief. If you aren’t a believer, then I hope that the site has given you something to think about. If you are a believer, then I hope that you’ve found something of interest too. In either case, I invite you to send me your feedback, whether positive or negative.

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